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My Heart and Hope for You.


Inspiring Brave Faith in Christ because Brave Faith Overcomes.


A Lil bit about me.

Hi! I am Yvonne Ndip aka Eve. I wear many hats including wife, mom, registered nurse and my all-time favorite is Daughter of Zion.

I had to walk some Broken Paths but the outcome is Brave Faith in Christ that enables me to overcome the schemes of darkness and walk in the abundance that Jesus Promises. 

 Brave with Eve  is an invitation for every woman to come find courage, confidence, and comfort in God’s Word through all the seasons of life.

Come Unleash your Brave!

My Vision is to Inspire a Brave and Bold Faith in Christ within you; so you can Walk in the Abundance of Life that Jesus Christ Promises in John 10:10.

Image by Michael Schofield
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